The Pre-School will limit each child’s enrolment to 2.5 days per week in their year before school. This should allow all children access to the Pre-School. Full day sessions are only available to children in their year before school (based on their age eligibility to attend school).  This needs to be discussed by staff and family on an individual basis.  Enrolments for all children are accepted throughout the year, dependent on availability of sessions.  Consideration for a vacant position is given in the order that applications are received, and in accordance with the Priority of Access Policy

 In the case of an application being made for a 3 year old to attend Pre-School, there is a possibility that you may be asked to pay fees for those sessions leading up to your child’s starting date (ie their 3rd birthday).  If, and when this should happen, you will be contacted and given the option to pay the fees or not as you wish.  If you don’t pay, your child’s place  will be lost to the child who can use it earlier, based on their age eligibility or category under the Priority of Access Policy.


The preschool has a Waiting List Application Form Please download the form and return it to the pre-school. It can also be retuned via fax, email or post. The pre-school follows Priority of Access  guidelines.