You will receive an account in the 1st week of each term for that term’s fees.  This account (and receipts) will come home in your child’s plastic pocket - so please watch for these!   Fees may be paid in one lump sum or in instalments.  Relevant details will be included on the ONE AND ONLY account as to the most convenient way to pay.  We prefer payment by mail, bank transfer or to the Clerk on Tuesdays & Thursdays.  If you wish to pay by instalments, you will need to sign an agreement indicating you will pay equal amounts on certain dates.  Any negotiation about this is possible and may be discussed with the Clerk or Director.  


The Subsidy is available to those who qualify under the conditions set out by DEC.  The subsidy is based on your eligibility to qualify for a Health Care Card or Pensioner Concession Card or your joint/single GROSS income.  Please contact the Director if you wish to apply for subsidy and your situation can be discussed privately.  No subsidy can be given until the form and proof of income has been returned.  Eligibility must be decided as promptly as possible, as there is not the possibility of subsidy being backdated if your circumstances change.

Please remember that you are bound by signing the application form, to inform the Director if you no longer are eligible to claim fee relief, or your circumstances have changed.  Please give a current photocopy of any pension or health care card when you are issued with a new one.  The Pre-School’s funding is dependent on the proof we have on file at the Pre-School’s census time, so please be vigilant on keeping your card details current at all times.    


Your child is covered for ambulance travel only whilst at the Pre-School or on an excursion - between the hours of 9:00 am and 3:00 pm.  Children travelling on the bus are covered by the Bus Service’s insurance.

FOOD:  Please refer to our Nutrition Policy                                                               

Half day sessions

a)       Morning tea (a piece of fruit or vegetable)

b)       A named drink bottle (with water or plain milk) OR a named plastic cup

PLEASE NOTETuesday & Friday morning students need to bring both morning tea and lunch (please pack these separately in named containers or named brown paper bags.).

Full day sessions

a)        Morning and afternoon tea (AM tea – fruit; PM tea – vegetable)

b)        Lunch

c)        A large named drink bottle (with water or plain milk) OR a named plastic cup

 IMPORTANT - PLEASE label all food & put it into named containers or brown paper bags.

Ideas for Balancing the Lunchbox.


We encourage the recycling and reuse of all materials at Pre-School.  We will encourage the children to recycle papers, plastics and food.  Please try and keep packaging of food to a minimum.


Please include in your child’s bag:

1)        a hat

2)        a jumper (depending on the season)

3)       a change of clothes

 Note:  Be sun safe  – no singlets, strappy tops or thongs.

Please label all belongings so they can be returned to the right owner.  We discourage the children from bringing small toys/jewellery unless on special occasions. 

 Full day children must also bring with them a single bed sheet (not fitted) for quiet time.  This will be sent home at the end of each day for laundering and should be returned to the Pre-School at the next session.  


As all primary contact staff of the Pre-School are mandatory reporters of child neglect and abuse, we may be asked to provide information about children, under Chapter 16A, to other prescribed bodies if requested.